A brief overview of a recent project as part of my studies

Logochain is a logo marketplace dapp proof-of-concept created with Ethereum, Ethereum Bridge, Oraclize, Node.js & MongoDB. A Designer can upvote a Logo and define a price. Once a logo gets upvoted, it price increases by 1%. If it gets purchased, the designer receives 95% of the price, wheareas the remaining 5% get distributed among the upvoters, thus an incentive is being created.

Steps to start & play with the project

🚀 To Start:

  1. Get Tunnel URL: lt –port 3000
  2. Start Ganache / Testrpc
  3. Start Ethereum Bridge node bridge -H localhost:8545 -a 1
  4. Copy & Paste Smart Contract to Truffle OR use Remix.Ethereum.org
  5. Enter OAR Address in Smart Contract & Tunnel URL
  6. Compile & Migrate Smart Contract
  7. Copy Smart Contract address to Node.js project
  8. Start MongoDB
  9. Start Node.js server
  10. Play with the Project 🎉