I ❤️ designing and creating apps.

I’m Julian Praest – an aspiring iOS Developer with an UX-focused design background. In my second semester of my Design program, I found my passion in creating, designing and coding Software, which is why I started studying Information Systems simultaneously.
After graduating in Design, I’m now a senior in Information Systems (graduating in WS 2018). Apart from working part-time as an iOS-developer, I love to work on sideprojects, participate in hackathons and read about blockchain-technologies.

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I love to design and code...

My Skills

User Experience Design 50%
User Interface Design 75%
Animation 55%
Swift + Objective C 57%
SQL 30%
Java 45%
Javascript/ Jquery + HTML/CSS 60%
“To the user, the interface is the product.”

Aza Raskin, VP at Jawbone

...and I love sharing tips and writing about it: