Gro’getter is a concept for an on-demand grocery ordering application I developed and designed as a senior at Folkwang University.

The concept

Gro’getter is a concept for an on-demand grocery ordering application targeted at students, who have little time, no car and thus problems carrying groceries from their supermarket back home.

The mobile application differentiates between two user types: The “clients”, who order groceries and the “Gro’getters”, who buy and bring the desired groceries to the clients.

The application serves as the intermediary platform between both user groups – a business process, which can be split into four basic activities:

Upon registration, the “client” creates a list with all the groceries he needs from a specific supermarket and shares the list with active “gro’getters” in his area.

Afterwards, a nearby “gro’getter” navigates through a filtered selection of shared ordering-lists and then decides to accept the recently released order and makes his way to the specified supermarket.

During the active order he can keep his “client” updated on the order process via “live-updates”. For the last step, the “client” takes the delivery of the brought groceries. If both “client” and “gro’getter” agree to a correct delivery, they both confirm the delivery using the application, which automatically starts the financial transaction. The “gro’getter” receives a variable amount of money that depends on the distance of the delivery, the total price of the groceries, as well on the weight of all delivered groceries. Additionally, a small commission fee gets added that goes to the company.

In order to address the problem of unsteady prices and unavailable goods, the digital supermarket features a selection of about 200 goods (divided into six categories: “Frozen food”, “fruits & vegetables”, “student stuff”, “bread & co”, “household items” and “soda”), which are always available at a small selection of well-known supermarket-chains and discounters.

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